Bearing the Standard TV Interview

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During the week of September 22, 2014, Jewish Voice with Jonathan Bernis aired an interview with Kevin about Bearing the Standard.

In case you missed it, you can view the episode in its entirety here. Please comment beneath the video and let us know what you think!


New Book Release: Bearing the Standard

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I am both humbled and excited that after nearly two years of almost continuous research, writing, soul-searching and God-seeking, by brand new book is finally available. Bearing the Standard: A Rallying Cry to Uphold the Scriptures is my life-message—indeed, it is the single most important thing I have ever written (or may ever write).

When I began working on Bearing the Standard, I had intended it to be only an eight-page pamphlet at most! Now, at more than 180 pages, it represents the beginning of a major Initiative within Perfect Word that I will be pouring myself into for years to come. The message of Bearing the Standard is not only foundational to every other resource by Perfect Word, it is foundational to the faith of every true believer in Yeshua. Simply put, if you and I do not bear the same standard, we do not share the same faith. God’s Word, encoded and archived for us in the Scriptures, is that one, true, reliable standard.

For a long time during the production of this work, I was concerned that I would be the only one who thought this would be an important, trajectory-altering message for the Body of Messiah—that I was making a whole lot of noise about nothing. But my confidence was greatly renewed when Promise Keepers president and CEO Dr. Raleigh Washington graciously agreed to read the manuscript of Bearing the Standard, and replied with the following endorsement:

A CNN newscaster recently stated that the largest growing group of people in America are those who have no religious beliefs. I believe this is a direct result of the failure of most Christians to believe and live their lives according to the guidelines found only in the Word of God. This book will shock you into action that is necessary to reverse this trend.

As if Raleigh’s vote of confidence was not enough, I am equally thankful for my friend and colleague Jonathan Bernis, president of Jewish Voice Ministries, who also endorsed Bearing the Standard, saying,

In an age where subjective truth has replaced absolutes, Kevin Geoffrey calls all true Believers to wake up! Bearing the Standard challenges the Body of Messiah to restore the rightful place of the inerrant, infallible Word of God in our lives. I strongly recommend you not only read this book, but apply the truth contained therein—it will change the way you see just about everything!

I cannot emphasize enough how crucial I believe this message is for every follower of Messiah. In fact, I feel so strongly about this, that Perfect Word is doing something with this book in faith that we have never done before. Not only is Perfect Word offering deep quantity discounts so that you can inexpensively give copies away to your friends and family, but if you feel you are unable to purchase a copy of Bearing the Standard for any reason, I will make it available to you for free. Simply pay the shipping and handling, and limit your complementary copy to one per household, and Perfect Word Ministries will gladly make this important investment in you.

If you are willing and able to purchase Bearing the Standard, or would like to order at quantity discounts, please go here to learn more. Otherwise, you can go here to order your free book.

My brother, my sister, especially in these times of severe moral degradation both outside and within the Body of Messiah, we must take a strong and unified stand for the perfect Word of God, and boldly begin bearing the standard of Scripture togetherI implore you to read this eye-opening word for the Body of Messiah—I truly believe that it will change your life!

The Miraculous Story You Never Knew

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Updated on November 6, 2011


The Real Story of Chanukah: A Messianic Jewish look at the Feast of Dedication that will change the way you look at life in Messiah! Check it out in the Perfect Word Resource Center (click the book image to go there).

When I was a boy, one of the only Jewish holidays my family celebrated was Chanukah (the other was Passover), but if you had told me that one day I would write an entire book about the Festival of Lights, I would have said you were a couple of candles short of a menorah! Now all these years later, I’m delighted about the newly released “Real Story of Chanukah,” because it truly puts the modern holiday in perspective by placing it against the backdrop of its factual history.

But what really excites me about the new book is that its message is so Messianic… not because it shows you Yeshua in the chanukiyyah, but because the real story of Chanukah is about being completely sold-out, zealous, crazy-on-fire—dedicated—to Adonai. I love this kind of message!

In The Real Story of Chanukah (which quotes at length from the apocryphal, yet historically reliable books of 1&2 Maccabees), we get to witness the struggles of a handful of average, everyday Jewish people during the intertestamental period. Against the overwhelming anti-Semitic and assimilating forces of their day, we see these valiant, devout few as they fight for the God and the Torah they love, in order to restore Israel to faithful fellowship with God. The story is just incredible—it’s vivid, moving, and, at times, almost beyond belief. And it’s within this context that I was able to unpack the Messianic message, illustrating how, according to the Scriptures, we too can and must be completely dedicated to the cause of Yeshua.

I believe that this is an important book, not just because it offers a unique perspective and insight regarding the holiday, but because the message of the story behind the holiday is an inspiring source of encouragement and exhortation… it’s Scripture put into action in peoples’ lives… it’s a commentary on the social issues of our day… it’s a warning for what we may be headed toward in the future.

If you already have a copy of the audio teaching upon which this book is based, I want to encourage you to pick up a copy of the book as well. The audio teaching covers the essential topics and story that is contained in the book, along with the emotion and dynamics that only come from a live presentation, but the book has considerably more material, and goes into detail that I wasn’t able to cover in the original teaching. In the book, I’m able to deal with other related topics that round out the entire discussion as it pertains to the issues raised by the holiday of Chanukah—and, believe me, there are quite a few.

I think my closing thoughts from The Real Story of Chanukah’s preface best sum up my reason for writing this book, and it reads as follows:

You may know next to nothing about the Feast of Dedication; you may love and cherish it as a meaningful time of year. My aim with this message is not to dash your view of Chanukah upon the rocks. Instead, my hope is that you will be stirred and inspired to abandon all that has doused your fire for God, and to be reignited with a burning passion for righteousness, holiness, and the zealous life for Adonai.

May the real story of Chanukah cause you to wholly commit yourself to God—to be restored to who He has made you to be—forsaking everything you hold dear, and even yourself… devoted and dedicated… to the death.

I think you’ll be challenged, exhorted, and inspired by The Real Story of Chanukah—the miraculous story you never knew…

Behold the Lamb Messianic Haggadah

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Updated on November 6, 2011

We are very excited to announce the release of the newly revised (and hopefully final!) edition of Behold the Lamb, a Scripture-based Haggadah for a modern, Messianic Passover memorial ‘avodah (Hebrew for “service”, “rite”, or “ceremony”).

The Passover experience facilitated by Behold the Lamb is an uncommon, untraditional departure from the usual Passover seder, set apart by its unique and unapologetic use of Scripture—approximately ninety percent of the Behold the Lamb Haggadah is nothing more than a compilation of relevant passages from the Word… and nothing tells a story better than Scripture!

In addition to the groundbreaking Haggadah, Behold the Lamb also includes a 20+ page supplementary section containing recipes for delicious homemade matzah, an introduction to our unconventional children’s crafts, and pages of brand new teaching material on Passover topics that we have never seen treated in any other publication, Messianic or otherwise.

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Seventh Book Published

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Updated on November 6, 2011

Being a Disciple of Messiah (Bookshelf Edition)In 2007, we published the Discipleship Edition of Being a Disciple of Messiah: Building Character for an effective walk in Yeshua, and it has since been used by many home groups, bible studies, for leadership training, youth groups and more. We realized, however, that not everyone is able to make use of a book that has a workbook format, so we decided to add the Bookshelf Edition to the Messianic Life lineup. The Bookshelf Edition, published in November 2009, contains the same material as the Discipleship Edition; the difference is that the Bookshelf version does not have the workbook questions and activities, and the book itself is a smaller size—more suitable for your bookshelf.

About the importance of discipleship, Kevin says, “Many of us really have no clue what discipleship is all about. We vaguely think it has something to do with evangelism, or perhaps taking a class on the foundations of the faith. But real discipleship—true discipleship—is what the Master exemplified for us. He called people to follow Him and be like Him. If we’re truly living for God—and even if we’re struggling with it, but faithfully trying—we have something to offer those who don’t yet know Him, and those who need to know Him more.  I love this book because it hits at core topics that every believer in Yeshua needs to have settled in their lives.  These topics are linch-pins in our walk with the Master, and we need to get these down—get these solid, deep within us—if we ever hope to be productive servants in God’s Reign.  I promise two things from this book: one, you will be lovingly, but firmly challenged; and two, you will be encouraged to be the complete, whole and effective disciple that you have already been remade to be!”

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