Bearing the Standard: A Rallying Cry to Uphold the Scriptures


Bearing the Standard

A Rallying Cry to Uphold the Scriptures

We all profess to follow the same Word, but do we really all bear the same Standard? Bearing the Standard is a rallying cry to all of Messiah’s disciples, calling us to boldly raise the banner of Scripture as the only sufficient and supreme standard for our lives. (Use code BTS10WS for 10% off)

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Being a Disciple: Building Character for an Effective Walk in Yeshua


Being a Disciple of Messiah

Building Character for an Effective Walk in Yeshua

Being a Disciple of Messiah covers a range of topics aimed at building and strengthening your Messianic character for a greater, more effective walk in Yeshua… challenging and inspiring you to become more like the Master every day.

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Deny Yourself: The Atoning Command of Yom Kippur


Deny Yourself

The Atoning Command of Yom Kippur

A radical exhortation that will not only change the way you view Yom Kippur, but will forever alter the course of your life. This is the Scriptural mandate for both the holiest day of the year and the daily life for Messiah’s disciples: deny yourself.

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Watch Kevin’s interview on Jewish Voice!

Kevin Geoffrey on Jewish Voice with Jonathan Bernis

Hear Kevin give his testimony and speak about what it means to be fully devoted to Messiah.

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The Real Story of Chanukah: Dedicated to the Death


The Real Story of Chanukah

Dedicated to the Death

What if Chanukah is more than just candles and presents? What if it isn’t really the memorial of a miracle? Take a Messianic Jewish look at the Feast of Dedication that will change the way you look at life in Messiah!

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Signs & Seasons: A Scriptural Exploration of Israel's Calendar


Signs & Seasons (CD/MP3 Series)

Embark on an eye-opening expedition with Messianic Jewish teacher Kevin Geoffrey as he guides you through the Scripture’s simple teachings about Israel’s calendar from a Messianic Jewish perspective!

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About Perfect Word...

Calling the Body of Messiah to maturity by teaching the simple application of Scripture for a radically changed life in Yeshua.


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